(Short Film 2021)

When two rowdy young boys discover an electric fence in a field, they decide to play the ultimate game of chicken.

Writer - Charlie Tidmas

Producer - Iria Pizania

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Fairy Blood Mother

(TV mini series)


Kirsty's plan to lose her virginity goes very wrong when she gets her period for the first time and is visited by her Fairy Blood Mother, a nonchalant french girl clad in armour - Joan of Arc.

Producer - Shaun Rhodes AE Entertainment


Gates (working title)

Short Film 2021


When lost-soul Seb tricks his grieving friend, Markie, into attending a Healing Weekend at Gates Wellbeing Retreat, the young men’s relationship is put to the ultimate test.

Director - B Welby-Delimere

Co-writer - Shaun Kobrak

Producer - Elena Valeri

Produced by the National Film and Television School